Horspower, Torque and Performance can only be achieved by increasing power or reducing friction. CleanBoost® Maxx™ Fuel Supplements increase power by ‘changing’ how your fuel burns. More BTU’s per stroke is our magic. This is the most cost effective way to treat fuel available. 1oz treats up to 30 gallons of diesel or gasoline making this an effective fuel solution with the following benefits; 65% Savings per Treated Tank over the Leading Additive; Maximizes Power; Reduces Emissions; Increases Fuel Economy; Adds Lubricity; EPA Registered.

It’s a time proven technology unlike any other and it’s your time to get the CleanBoost® Maxx™ advantage today!

If you want to boost horsepower, torque, performance, and fuel economy (gas mpg), you can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on upgrades to your vehicle and engine. Or, you can simply add 1 oz. of CleanBoost Fuel Supplement for every 30 gallons of gas or diesel. This tiny amount of additive will boost fuel economy by up to 10% and power by up to 11 horsepower. There is no better bang for your buck when it comes to increasing gas mileage (or diesel, as the case may be). You never know what fuel prices will be like when you go to the pumps the next time. Take away some of the worry by getting the very best MPG you can.

You love your car. Show it how much you love it with CleanBoost Maxx Fuel Supplement. Your car will return the favor by outputting greater horsepower and increase fuel mileage. More power and more MPG, it is a win-win. Add that fact that MAXX Fuel Supplement decreases pollution and is registered with the EPA you get a win-win-win!!

The bottom line is this, with MAXX gas and diesel supplement, you will save money and boost the overall performance of your engine. Even when compared to other leading gas and diesel supplements, MAXX lives up to its name and MAXXimizes your savngs. Increased gas mileage (mpg) and diesel mileage means your save money. It also means that your engine is operating efficiently and effectively. With our best value, 16 oz bottle of CleanBoost MAXX you can treat up to 480 gallons of gas or diesel. For another way to treat your fuel and increase fuel economy, check out our fuel pills

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